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TFS Visits Facebook


CEO Post

I was recently asked to participate on a small business roundtable with Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  Me, along with 2 other Chicago businesses had a candid discussion of what worked and what didn't for our businesses on Facebook. Despite a minor issue that I have with my Facebook Shop (which by the way, I immediately got an email after the meeting that they were in the process of rectifying!!), I actually have more positive experiences with Facebook than negative.   

So what is working for me on Facebook?  Posting photos of real people, whether it be customers or employees.  For example, photos of customers wearing our dresses, candid photos of our employees working in our shop and behind the scenes videos of events such as expos and fashion shows, do really well for us on Facebook.  

A few years ago I complained on how the feed changes made by Facebook hurt my business because the only followers that saw our Facebook business posts are essentially the ones that like and comment on your posts.  That really sucks if no one is liking your posts.  But in actuality, it makes us focus more on creating engaging content that our users enjoy and find useful, which is better for everyone.

Facebook also talked about how they are re-vamping the business reviews, which is great because a lot of people post negative things about your business without even visiting your business.  Quite a few business owners and Facebook group managers at the meeting said that Facebook events were not working well for them.  Cheryl was already aware of the issue, spoke as to why and said that it is a relatively new product offering that they are still working out the kinks.

After the event, my store c-owner of A'Vents by August asked if I told them that Facebook ads were not working, lol.  Of course no one wants to pay for ads.  But Facebook is a business and of course has to monetize their offerings.  In actuality, Facebook has a very sophisticated ad manager system that can do super specific customer targeting, which is much more effective than radio, print or tv advertising.

In summary, it is really refreshing when the executive officer of a major corporation takes the time out to speak to small businesses. I felt that Facebook was open to feedback and trying to make Facebook work better for small business.


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